ON RESISTING, while knowing it is not enough, and offering to think beyond where we are, together.

Chattel slavery today

Systems of power do not erode all at once. They do so in fits and starts and repetitions. Legal endings are very different than actual ones. Chattel slavery was challenged and undermined by enslaved peoples from the start. White abolitionists came on board in fits and starts, and each state had somewhat of its own history. The enforcement of chattel slavery was always varied and complicated and never unitary.

White Supremacist Misogyny in Crisis

How do anti-racist feminists think and “do” and mobilize in this moment? Trump lies and makes punishing declarations and ultimatums daily. No one is safe from his bullying, except maybe his daughter Ivanka and the rest of his family.

The Intersections in Coalitions

The need for coalition emerges out of the truth that no one resistance is enough. And, that no one “issue” is ever singular. Each issue, each individual, each structure is made of multiple problems, identities, and needs.



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