My love letter to Richard and our Comrades; The Personal and Political, about Death and Living

Zillah Eisenstein

Ithaca New York

Personal stories matter but especially when they expose a particular site that is bigger than the specific — when they elucidate a huge versality, even if in partial fragments…

An Ode to/for Nawal el Saadawi

For her Memorial, March 28, 2021

(if you have lived an important life there is too much to say, there is no summing up, so this is a remembrance when there are too many memories)

Dear Nawal,

With love for everything you were and…

Zillah Eisenstein

The following is meant as a critical offering, if it might help, as you read, or re-think Wilkerson’s Caste, The Origins of Our Discontent. I wrote it in dialogue with many activist friends wondering about the book’s import/impact for the struggles now.

Isabel Wilkerson has written the book…

Millions of women — the whole wide swath of differing types — marched on January 20, 2018 in the US. Many of the marches were still predominantly white although leadership was often shared or by Women of Color. If white women are as radical and anti-racist and inclusive as the…

alongside the Oprah piece….

So, i think this discussion is important enough to risk being misunderstood, or understood — either way. But i am thinking there is a huge difference between celebrating resistance (the Golden Globes) and creating revolutionary change. Yes? And ending sexual violence is a revolutionary demand and…

Zillah Eisenstein

Writer, Professor, Activist, white anti-racist feminist,

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